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ChatGPT Told Softbank’s Masayoshi Son His Ideas Are Great. Now He’s Investing Big in AI.

By Isabel Thakur
Published in Investing
June 22, 2023
1 min read
ChatGPT Told Softbank’s Masayoshi Son His Ideas Are Great. Now He’s Investing Big in AI.

I just read this article about Softbank’s founder, Masayoshi Son, and how he’s investing big in AI. It was fascinating to see how a simple conversation with the founders of ChatGPT led to his increased interest in artificial intelligence.

Basically, ChatGPT is an AI assistant that offers personalized and intelligent responses to customer inquiries. When Masayoshi Son spoke with the founders, they told him that his ideas were great and that AI could help bring these ideas to fruition. This sparked his interest in AI and led to Softbank investing heavily in the technology.

I think it’s amazing how a chance conversation can have such a huge impact on the future of a company. It’s also exciting to think about the possibilities that AI can bring to various industries.

In my personal experience, I’ve seen how AI can streamline processes and improve efficiency. I used to work in customer service and we implemented an AI chatbot to help handle inquiries. It was amazing to see how quickly and accurately the chatbot could respond to customer questions, freeing up our staff to handle more complex issues.

Overall, the article highlights the potential of AI and how it can transform industries and businesses. It’s important to stay informed about advancements in technology and how they can be used to benefit society.

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