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Japan's MUFG to buy Indonesian car loan company

By Owen Galvez
Published in Loans
June 27, 2023
1 min read
Japan's MUFG to buy Indonesian car loan company

I just read an article about Japan’s MUFG buying an Indonesian car loan company and it’s blowing my mind! Basically, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is picking up 73.8% of shares in PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, which owns Adira Finance - a company that provides loans to people who want to buy cars. It’s a pretty smart move, considering that Indonesia is a rapidly growing market with a lot of people wanting to buy cars but not having the cash upfront to do so. Adira Finance is pretty well-established, with around 18,000+ vendors that provide financing options to customers who want to buy things like motorcycles, cars, and even heavy equipment.

I remember when I first started driving, my parents had to take out a car loan to buy our family car. As much as they wanted a new car, they just didn’t have that much cash lying around. I imagine it’s the same situation for many people in Indonesia, where cars can be quite expensive. It’s a pretty exciting move for MUFG, because they’re expanding their reach in Indonesia and also tapping into a market that’s expected to grow even more in the next few years.

It also shows how globalisation is bringing countries together in interesting ways. A Japanese bank buying an Indonesian loan company might seem strange, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I think in the future we’ll see even more cross-border acquisitions like this. Who knows, maybe we’ll see an Indonesian company buying a Japanese bank next!

Overall, this is a really interesting article to read because it shows how the finance world is changing and adapting to the needs of different markets. If you’re interested in finance, or maybe just like learning about how different industries work, then I definitely recommend checking it out!

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